Bring Warehousing AS is located in Kongshavn in Oslo. We always look for opportunities to do more for the environment and we are very positive that myPallet is an environmentally friendly solution.

We have for many years used old-fashioned paper receipts as well manual data input.

Ever since we've onboarded myPallet software we have gotten an extremely transparent account overview where we can easily add and edit existing customers and we spend noticeably less time and money on the pallet management process.

myPallet is another step towards digitizing us and we are very satisfied with the Customer Service we have been met with and of course satisfied with the service.

Bring Warehousing AS
Elin Fohlin

A win for Dencon Foods

With myPallet software, we have achieved many benefits related to our transport packaging management. In our administration, in particular, we have had a significantly easier workflow, with no papers and lost documents!
We benefit from the automatic account management and the superior overview of customer balance and packaging receipts.
The fact that every image taken as part of a digital receipt is a great help, meaning we can link it to the shipment. It is also an advantage that we can document damaged packaging with pictures.
With a few clicks we send out statement of account to our trucking companies, it is easy and convenient.
myPallet also fulfills several of our core values, such as good service, flexibility, innovation, collaboration, quality and climate friendliness!

Last but not least, it's great when IT works and can be implemented easily!

Christina Hoier Glæsel / Sales & Purchase Coordinator
Dencon Foods A/S

I At Smyril Line Cargo the environmental considerations are an integral part of our business strategic foundation.

We focus on both large and small daily initiatives that can have a positive impact on the environment. CO2 neutralization related to transport packaging management is one of many, but an important step we are taking that contributes positively to the environmental footprint
our business and operations leave.

A truly powerful digital solution to our great advantage.

In addition, we have seen very significant savings. myPallet software is the right choice for us - not least a very professional business partner. myPallet

Smyril Line Cargo, Danmark
Carsten Kjær, Director

We have chosen myPallet's digital solution for managing our EUR pallets. The solution saves us time, paper and any discussions with our subcontractor. We entered into the collaboration with myPallet just before the summer of 2020 - to date we have not had a single technical problem with their software. Can recommend to others with the same need for digital pallet solutions.

Brian Sørensen / HEAD OF BUYING




Extremely user-friendly and powerful software that has minimized my company's time and money on managing pallets.

SN Transport ApS
Kasper Steen Nielsen - CEO

Tracking pallets made easy!!

Easy to use with a simple layout of pallet registrations, transactions and receipts.

Best feature is that after 3 months use there has been no crashing, collapsing or frozen screens. Definitely a 5 star recommendation!!!

Mark Højelsen, Warehouse

A simple and very effective solution for managing our transport packaging (including pallets).
Significant bottom line savings, a superior self-control with minimal administration.
Has replaced paperwork (pallet receipts) and optimized our process flow
Who says IT must be cumbersome to implement - with myPallet's Plug & Play solution, we were up and running in less than 1 hour!

Blue Water Shipping A/S
Daniel Mortensen - Logistics Manager (Odense)

myPallet has meant that we have got a good structure for our administrative challenges regarding packaging accounting.

Eg. used myPallet overview to keep track of our receivables. All receipts are always at hand! No unforeseen incidents, no papers = no document filing.

Creativ Company A/S
Martin Pedersen Warehouse System Manager

As a consequence of increased costs to our transport packaging - including Single-Use pallets - we have invested in MyPallet for optimizing and monitoring our consumption. We primarily want to reduce our costs, but at the same time having a positive reflection on the environment. We have so far rejected the use of EUR pallets due to the heavy administrative handling in pallet management process. With MyPallet, we have the opportunity to use EUR pallets on some of our major customers. EUR pallets are stronger and more stable and secure our goods better during transport and storage.


Bloomingville A/S
Helle Ravn Jacobsen - Supply Chain Manager

 We have successfully implemented myPallet software for packaging management of EUR pallets.
Digital solution to greatly help our drivers, administration as well as our customers.

Fogtmann Logistik A/S
Bjarne Lauridsen, Distribution Manager & Rune Oland Therkildsen, COO & Quality Manager

We have very successfully implemented myPallet software.

We now enjoy a digital solution to our pallet management. Valuable data insight and easy management.

Scandinavias ApS
Klaus Bolwig Huusmann - CEO

At the beginning of 2020, we chose to enter into a collaboration with myPallet on the sale of the overflow of transport packaging that we receive from our suppliers across Europe. With myPallet's marketplace, we have achieved fast sales, and at an overall better price than before. It makes us feel safe to work with myPallet as they ensure that buyers are approved - and the complete handling and payment goes through myPallet. We also benefit on myPallet's many years of experience in the supply chain and their large network. Once a sales has been confirmed the distribution is shipped directly to the customer, no third-party is involved. We much appreciate the collaboration and can only recommend myPallet marketplace to everyone - AND IT BENEFITS THE ENVIRONMENT TOO!

Steen Krogh Petersen / Supply Chain Manager
Sekura Cabins A/S

myPallet has helped us to manage our outgoing pallets. In less than 10 seconds, our warehouse crew make a transaction in myPallet app. Instantly we'll see an updated balance against the freight forwarder.


                                                                                       Simple and efficient software

Steffca A/S
Martin Jacques Lauritsen - Indkøbschef / Purchase Manager

myPallet does the job for us. It is easier, faster, and do offer an automated balance overview at your fingertips. Much more efficient than paperwork and manual data input, as before. Norsteve will no more spend a lot of time to send statements and reminders to receive back pallets. The forwarders will also be able to access a digital balance overview. Very delighted :o)

Norsteve AS
Harald Eide / Terminal Handling Manager

We have significant values ​​tied up in transport packaging, especially pallets and pallet frames.

From our main distribution center in Vejen more than 1000 transport units are distributed every day to our customers. These units are part of an exchange system which means that our carriers exchange and / or return used transport packaging back to us.

myPallet software has ensured a more efficient and optimal overview of our transport packaging. We always enjoy a real time balance overview, both in terms of units and value.

We have replaced a manual process with a digital and sustainable solution that gives us an automatic balance overview of our consumption and values ​​in connection with transport packaging. And in line with our company values.

Throughout the entire process myPallet has been very professional and helpful. The fact that the two founding partners both have a background in the field of logistics has been a great advantage too. We enjoyed a smooth onboarding in August 2019.

We now manage every unit that is delivered and received, and it compliments our ambition that our transport packaging are part of a circular flow - for the benefit of the environment and our CO2 emission!

In short, we have achieved significant time savings, but not least a strong financial gain.

We look forward to expanding our collaboration with myPallet.

Jens Erik Skibsted, Head of Distribution
Solar Group A/S

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