myPallet is the future digital packaging management tool

myPallet offers innovative and digitized tools for managing and controlling transport packaging. The digital data exchange is done by using our applications, and managed by the individual customer, using the myPallet Dashboard, which is the customer's unique access to the system. The system is developed for all stages of the supply chain:

from sender to recipient

from the truck owner to the freight forwarder

from warehouseman to the truck driver

Vision & Mission

OUR VISION is to minimize the transport chain costs associated with packaging management

OUR MISSION is to increase the recycling of the same packaging type

OUR OBJECTIVES are to conserve natural resources 

myPallet offers market-leading and contemporary software for simplifying the administrative tasks in the management and control of transport packaging. Confidence and transparency are the keywords in our endeavors in a trustworthy partnership with our customers.


Through our creative mindset, we strive to understand our customer's needs and through close collaboration, achieve our customers goals and thereby ensure the best possible result. We elucidate and will document administrative savings in connection with the use of our software and/or ensure improved self-control with the company's packaging flow and thus eliminate loss of transport packaging.



Through competent employees, we also put pride and honor in marketing quality solutions adapted to today's demand for a digitized product at a competitive rate

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