Circular economy

Circular economy

myPallet helps your company ensure sustainable recycling of your transport packaging.

We turn your packaging management challenge into a success story!

We cherish the environment and our common future. Protecting the environment and at the same time taking responsibility are key words with us.

You can safely replace disposable packaging or other less environmentally friendly packaging without compromising on quality.

Sustainable focus and recycling in a circular ecosystem is the way forward for us - and our customers.


Digital solutions

Our digital solutions ensure your company complete control, overview and control of your values ​​associated with transport packaging. A solution that ensures that your transport packaging can be included in a recycling cycle. We call it social responsibility!

Your transport packaging will be recycled - alternatively you will be guaranteed complete overview and documentation of your values ​​in terms of transport packaging, so that you can at any time debit the part of your supply chain that has disposed or otherwise made you unable to reuse your transport packaging.

Our dedicated employees - whom all have a background in the transportation industry - can even help with additional services; Returnable transport, Frasalg/genbrug af emballage and/or Disposal in accordance with the local environmental regulations.


Returnable transport

We make sure that the last step is to ensure a circular flow, ie transportation back to your company. Your return packaging is retrieved, whether from home or abroad, and ensures that your transport packaging is recycled.

The environment is saved for additional production.



Purchase / Sell transport packaging on myPallet digital marketplaceørs

You can sell and buy used transport packaging through myPallet.

The environment is saved for additional production in the event of recycling, and myPallet ensures your company a reduced CO2 footprint as we provide direct delivery between the seller and the buyer. No middleman in between. 


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