The Product

myPallet is the digital tools of the future for transport packaging and packaging management


DIGITAL MANAGEMENT OF TRANSPORT PACKAGING for the benefit of the entire transport chain. An innovative and digitized alternative of managing and control all kinds of transport packaging. We have developed our own software and launched an App (in both iOS and Android) to simplify and optimize procedures and processes in connection to exchange of transport packaging. The solution is fully digitalized - and will replace the manual processes currently available in the market. The user reports live data via myPallet App - in just a few clicks - and from there automatically sends receipt to recipient via 'swipe' function which is confirmed by recipient on App. If both parties do not use the myPallet app, they will be signed electronically on the mobile device.

Data exchange is connected to the myPallet Dashboard, which ensures an overview of all transactions as well as an automatic update of balances against all customers and suppliers.

Our ambition is that our customers will achieve financial savings in terms of easy and smooth digital packaging management as well make it attractive to invest in more environmentally friendly transport packaging, which can be reused in a circular flow.


 DIGITAL MARKETPLACE for the benefit of the entire transport chain for trade in pallets and other transport packaging. The purpose is openness, transparency and efficiency - a direct trade route and traffic between supply and demand. Buyer and Seller of all sizes will gain access to an increased sales channel with access to a greater supply and demand - and trade directly with each other.

Our ambition is to finding new life for used transport packaging, from single-use pallets (which can handle a trip more) to higher recycling of other packaging types in a circular flow. An economic benefit for both the seller and the buyer - and for the benefit of the environment.

The App

User-friendly and simply interface

Quick Setup

Works online and offline

Create self-packaging receipts

Certify the quality of packaging via photos

Document CMR


Managing user accounts

Account balances for reconciliation

Simple administration and verification

Access to packaging receipts

Access to image documentation


User-friendly design, simply interface & quick setup
Funktionel i online og offline tilstand

The System

Live transmission of all Transactions to myPallet dashboard


Offer your customers a pallet account, domestic and international solution, for smooth reconciliation


Certify the quality of packaging via photos


24/7 online support


Works online and offline

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